RECYCLING SERVICES: Manage your home & business waste in BC

Average Canada generates tons of trash a year, it usually goes into the landfill. So much trash would quickly fill up the available space and introduce potentially hazardous substances into the soil and groundwater. Fortunately, Maple Leaf Disposal has made significant investments in recycling technology to help your home or business “go green” with a wide range of recycling services. Take care of your environment, by disposing of your recyclable materials effectively, responsibly, and safely.

In today’s environmentally conscious generation, simple waste removal is not enough. Our sustainability managers advocate ethical waste management standards and sustainable solutions for waste diversion. One of our primary goals is to continuously increase the number and quality of these recycling solutions, based on your needs. Also, we practice recycling as this business involves so much more than just the individual treatment processes.


Organics Recycling Programs


Organic waste, or green waste, is organic material such as food, garden, and lawn clippings. Food and organic leftovers are different from normal trash and recycling and require a more specialized approach to turn them back into a resource. The efficient use of organic waste returns the nutrients to the soil for ongoing soil health and fertility. When handled properly, it can become a valuable resource for communities, such as nutrient-rich compost.

We can work with you from standard pickups to more in-depth organics recycling and composting options. We’ll take care of everything you need, from training and support to providing components like specialized organics containers and service-specific trucks.


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Office & Business Recycling Programs

Business recycling is a bit different than recycling plastic bottles and metal cans. Offices create a distinct type of waste, often made up of cardboard, plastic film, and even scrap metal. Though this waste looks dramatically different than your recycling bin at home. Whether you have just a few employees or thousands, we know how important it is for the needs of your office to be taken care of.

Maple Leaf Disposal offers a solution for every level of your business, from straightforward removal to something more complex like a complete overhaul of your office’s waste practices. Go green at your office with recycling services. Maple Leaf Disposal offers office recycling programs and bins for glass, paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, and similar materials. In standard, we provide 4 x 96-gallon totters for all your mixed waste papers, glass, metal, plastic containers, shrink wraps, milk jag, etc.


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Construction Site Recycling Programs

Demolition work and construction can be a mess, creating a lot of unwanted waste and debris. Our experts develop customized recycling programs allowing you to get the most out of your construction materials. Whether your business has a special project or needs a consistent construction waste removal and recycling partner, Maple Leaf Disposal has your back.

Demolition doesn’t mean that everything needs to be thrown away. Let us offer you recycling bins for your demolition site cleanup. Save concrete, shingles, asphalt, wood, and other materials for recycling. After your construction project is complete, recycle the leftover materials with our solid waste and recycling program. We offer bins and containers for recycling and provide collection services. If you live in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, or other parts of BC, contact us today to discuss your recycling options.


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Battery Recycling Programs


It’s very easy to fling a spent battery into general waste, but this runs the risk of soil contamination and water pollution if they are sent to landfill. That means it’s up to all of us – households, businesses, and waste management organizations to ensure that the maximum number of batteries are saved from landfill and recycled responsibly. Maple Leaf Disposal offers customized battery recycling programs for Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and surrounding areas in British Colombia.

There’s an additional problem here, not all batteries are created equal, so each type needs a specific recycling regime. Car batteries – and we receive thousands of every year – are filled with a sulphuric acid/water mix, even before we can consider what to do with the metals and plastics that make up the rest of the device.


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Fluorescent Light Recycling

Fluorescent lighting tubes are classified as hazardous waste due to their mercury content. They need to be disposed of correctly to make sure your home or business remains compliant. We offer a fully compliant and safe service for all types of lamps including fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent tubes, street lamps, LEDs, and halogen lamps. We recycle materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills, minimizing your impact on the environment.

Maple Leaf Disposal provides friendly, reliable fluorescent tube disposal services to a wide range of organizations including local authorities, producer compliance schemes, retailers, wholesalers, waste management companies, and many other businesses. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the service they need when they need it – whether you have 10 or 10,000 fluorescent tubes!


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Pallet Recycling Programs

Maple Leaf Disposal offers pallet recycling. Pallet recycling is a great way to save your company while also doing something good for the environment. Recycled pallets can be reconditioned to ‘like-new’ status and are almost indistinguishable from new pallets. If you live in the Greater Vancouver Area, let Maple Leaf Disposal handle your pallet recycling.

Wood is a precious natural resource, so it is important to conserve our wood consumption by recycling and reusing as many wood products as we can. Recycling your wood pallets with us is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your damaged pallets & scrap wood. If you have excess broken pallets beyond economical repair, scrap wood, and timber packaging, we can collect and recycle them for you.


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