Keep Your Worksite Clean with Roll Off Containers

Maple Leaf Disposal’s Roll Off Containers are available for construction sites and residential home renovations throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. If you’re planning a big move or need to do a bit of spring cleaning, our Roll Off Containers are perfect for getting rid of that extra clutter.

These containers are called “Roll Off” because of how they are removed & picked up by the Truck. The Roll Off truck raises a hydraulically operated bed so that the container begins to roll off of the bed. A cable is used to guide the container slowly and safely onto your property. We will need about 60′ of space as well as approximately 30′ overhead clearance for the process.

Once you have loaded the Roll Off Container with Waste or Recycling debris it is then removed from your site for disposal, so you don’t have to worry about the mess. Our containers range from 5 to 40 cubic yards and are normally used for sites that generate a great volume of trash.

Our Roll Offs include the following designs:

* all sizes are approximate


15 yard – 4’h x 7’w x 16′ long approx

20 yard – 5’h x 7’w x 18′ long approx

30 yard – 6’h x 8’w x 18′ long approx

Roll Off Containers come in two types:

Open Roll Off Containers

An open Roll Off Container is loaded from the top or in the back door. These containers are commonly found on construction and demolition sites.

Closed Roll Off Containers

Used with stationary compactors, these closed top Roll Off Containers are loaded through the end. A compactor is a machine or mechanism used to reduce the size of waste material through compaction. The compactor will remain stationary until the container is full. It will then be taken away for disposal. Our closed Roll Off Containers come in many shapes and sizes depending on your company’s needs.



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