LEED Program: Keeping It Green

Maple Leaf Disposal supports a healthy and green Community, Thanks to our involvement with the LEED Program, our customers throughout the Lower Mainland can trust that we do our part to protect the environment.

LEED green building rating system was originally designed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). It provided a recognized standard for the construction industry to assess the environmental sustainability of building designs. The Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) adapted the LEED rating system to reflect the concerns and requirements of building here in Canada.

LEED encourages the adoption of sustainable green building and development practices. A point-based rating system is used to determine how environmentally beneficial a building really is. LEED recognizes that sustainability should be at the heart of any building – design, construction, and operation. In the past 11 years, CaGBC has certified over 1000 LEED buildings in Canada and registered over 4000.

Learn more about LEED and how you can have your building “go green” at the Canada Green Building Council website.



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