Construction Site Recycling Programs for the Greater Vancouver Area

Wood Waste

Allow Maple Leaf Disposal to recycle your wood waste from your home or business construction site. We collect lumber and plywood and other wood waste throughout the Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and the surrounding areas.

Glass Recycling

Rely on Maple Leaf Disposal’s bins to recycle your glass waste. Windows, ovenware, and other types of glass often found in construction waste can’t be recycled like glass containers used for food and beverages. Let us safely recycle your construction glass waste.

Metal Recycling

Maple Leaf Disposal recycles metal materials discarded from construction sites. Metal radiators, piping, gates, aluminum siding, and old appliances can all be salvaged or recycled. Our recycle bins are available for those throughout the Greater Vancouver Area for easy collection.

Asphalt Recycling

Asphalt recycling is available from Maple Leaf Disposal. Construction work might involve driveways, parking lots, and walkways surrounding a building. Don’t just throw asphalt away. Recycle it using our convenient bins and containers. We recycle asphalt for the Greater Vancouver Area.

Concrete Recycling

Demolition is often needed before construction. Recycle old concrete using Maple Leaf Disposal’s bins. Concrete recycling allows the reuse of rubble while helping to keep construction costs down. We offer recycle bins for concrete recycling to areas around Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, and beyond.

Asphalt Shingle Recycling

Recycle your asphalt shingles with the help of Maple Leaf Disposal in the Greater Vancouver Area. Asphalt shingles can be collected and recycled often being turned into asphalt for road paving and patching material. Use our bins to recycle your asphalt shingles during your construction or demolition project.

Demolition Site Cleanup

Demolition doesn’t mean that everything needs to be thrown away. Let Maple Leaf Disposal offer you recycle bins for your demolition site cleanup. Save concrete, shingles, asphalt, wood, and other materials for recycling.

Post Construction Cleanup

After your construction project is complete, recycle the leftover materials with the help of Maple Leaf Disposal. We offer bins and containers for recycling and provide collection services. If you live in the Greater Vancouver Area, contact us today to discuss your recycling options.

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